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 The House of DreamsText & Images © McDonnell 1998-2003

The house is surrounded by trees and water; like a dream, it can never be captured, but is always remembered.

Close your eyes and listen. Sounds evoke memories. The frog's chorus at night, crickets chirping, cicadians singsong in the summer heat, geese squawking as they pass in ragged formations, the wind rustling the leaves, snow cracking underfoot, rain falling rhythmically on a zinc roof, birds chirping in the early morning mist. The sounds of people can be heard as well; cries of joy, of pain, of anger, of laughter fill the air, people talking to and about each other. The buzz of bees, the buzz of a lawn mower, water splashing in the pool by children playing; the sounds of summer. Snow flakes softly falling in a loud silence, boots crunching fallen leaves, boots squishing newly fallen snow, frozen rain drumming on the roof, a hearth fire crackling brightly: winter sounds. The house is filled with joy and laughter.

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