A recent PBS program on the American efforts to save art and architectural treasures during WWII featured my father's 319th bomber group. They had been chosen to bomb the marshaling train yards in Florence, because they were the best bomber group in WWII, and they carried out a precision bomb run dropping all their bombs on a thousand by three hundred foot space, sparing Florence's priceless buildings and treasures. They received a Presidential commendation, for this bombing raid and for another on Rome.

Fellow pilots used to say that my father was the best pilot they had ever seen, drunk or sober. He was modest, and lucky, because he flew many dangerous missions. He lost a lot of friends. He told me that the book Catch 22 was based on the experiences of his group - he knew the people described in it. Enough said.

Tribute to My Dad, Lt Col. Edward Joseph McDonnell USAF
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